Artists - Elevate the Arts Exhibition

In celebration of the Reopening of New Hope Arts gallery in June, Artists Elevate the Arts online exhibition spans the transition from our shuttered space to the Grand Reopening from May 15 to June 15, 2023. This exhibition reminds us of the focus of this extrodinary effort to rejuvenate and refresh our venerable building while also building a future for New Hope Arts.

Our artists membership rallied to supported this presentation of artworks in all media contributed by member artists who have presented a remarkable variety of pieces in the outstanding exhibitions in the New Hope Arts gallery over our 20 year history. Art works are available for sales with a portion of sales benefitting program initiative to further the offerings for the future. 

Over 35 artists are represented, and many offered testimonials to the significance of NHArts theirs careers and its meaning to the cultural community we serve. 


  • Tricia Adler
  • Robert Beck
  • Cathy Begg
  • Gail Bracegirdle
  • Michael Cooper
  • Susanne Pitak Davis
  • James Feehan
  • Gary Fournier
  • Rita Gekht
  • Philip Hauser
  • Lee Kaloides
  • Armor Keller
  • Norine Kevolic
  • Donna Lillo
  • Denise Marshall
  • Pat Martin
  • Longia Miller
  • Florence Moonan
  • Santford Overton
  • Janet Purcell
  • Jeff Reeder
  • Dalissa McEwen-Reeder
  • Jack Rosen
  • Ilene Rubin
  • Charlie Sahner
  • Kathy Schroeher
  • Christine Seo
  • Nancy Shill
  • John Spears
  • Gene Underwood
  • Annelies Van Dommelen
  • Charles Davis Viera

Featured artists from our Elevate the Arts exhibition will pop-up every day. for more information on any of the works offered here contact us at NHArts elevates the Arts

For more about the artists and their history with New Hope Arts go the EVA Artists' page....  for the slide show.