New Hope Arts Outdoor Sculpture Project

The New Hope Arts Outdoor Sculpture Project is a free and accessible public art display creating an artistic gateway into the Borough of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Begun by New Hope Arts in 2003, our partnership with The PNC Foundation from June 2015 to December 2016 with a The PNC Arts Alive grant provided the funding to expand the program. Today the Project continues its sculpture mission with the support of private donors and sponsors. 

Latest News...

New Hope Arts Outdoor Sculpture is featured in June-July 2023 Sculpture Magazine - Art is Public Places Issue

New Hope Public Sculpture began in 2003 with a civic interest in making accessibly art throughout the Borough of New Hope. This year the new effort to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Outddor Sculpture, five new installations have been place and more are on the way.



⇒ Read about the New Hope Public Sculpture Program for 2023 in ArtNewsNow.

Earth Piercing Cleaned & Waxed

Michael Cooper collaborated with the Free Library of New Hope & Solebury to refresh the vivid sculpture on the front lawn. One of the most prominent of the pieces in New Hope, artist and host for the sculpture noticed the build up of dirt and lack-luster appearance of the piece first installed in 2016. Michael Cooper undertook the cleaning project. Maintaining outdoor artwork is an added responsibility for sculpture parks. Thanks to Michael and the Library for making this important arrangement for our viewing pleasure.


Recent Additions to the Outdoor Sculpture Project

Current List of Sculptures

  • Common HouseLauren Ewing, 10 Chapel Road
  • Large Granite Arch, Harry Gordon, Hardy Bush Way &  Route 202 Feeder Road
  • Boomer, Dana Stewart, South Main Street
  • The Listening Bench, Jim Gallucci, Bucks County Children's Museum
  • Labyrinth, Christoph Spath, New Hope Historical Society
  • Florence Chair, James Vilona, Union Square
  • Light Sieve, Carl Billingsley, Lenape Park
  • TriffidsRay Faunce, Wedgwood Inn
  • Golden Oak Leaf ArchJim Gallucci, Rabbit Run Creek
  • Hobbes' Claw IIIStephen Klema, 246 West Bridge Street
  • Tonka, Harry Gordon, Magill's Hill Park
  • Exhibitionist, Christopher Kennedy, 131 North Main Street
  • Egos, Michael Pascucci, 142 South Main Street
  • Earth PiercingMichael Cooper, New Hope/Solebury Library
  • CompassionDon Campbell, 131 North Main Street
  • Hope, Peter Dellert, New Hope Borough Hall
  • Field Grass, Amedeo Salamoni, 131 North Main Street
  • PerihelionMark Pettegrow, Phillips Mill
  • 20th Anniversary additions
  • Laminar Flow, Vincent Hawley, Laurel Park
  • Gentle Winds, Cathy Begg, 123 West Bridge Street
  • Axis Mundi, Harry Gordon, 408 Lower York Road
  • Celebration, Cathy Begg, 131 North Main Street
  • Quatro, Adam Garey, 6650 Lower York Road
  • Flat Curves, Jennifer Rubin Garey, 39 N Main Street
  • I Beam 1 Apex, Justin Long, 275 W Bridge Street