Music to My Eyes

curated by Sandra Harris

Exhibiting Artists
Robert Beck  Cecil Bernard   Lorenzo Branca   James Dupree   Jay Eisenberg   Chuck Fischer   Rhonda Garland    Michelle Kott   Paula Mandel   Jonathan Mandell  Marcy Morris   Michael Pascucci   Mark Pettegrow   Paul Rigby   John Rodgers   Danny Sailor   Joseph Schembri   Stacie Speer Scott   Peter Treiber

Music to My Eyes is a celebration of music in the visual arts.

Much has been written about the connection between music and visual arts. Music inspires movement, embodies feeling, soothes the spirit, and evokes memories. Music surrounds us- in the sounds of nature and the cadence of our speech. Music is a shared language that unites, crossing cultures and borders. The visual artists in this exhibit use their medium to express music through gesture, composition, color, technique, creating a rich, diverse and engaging exhibition.

Gallery Hours: Saturday & Sunday, 12 - 5 pm

Wednesday 12 - 3 pm or by appointment