Exposure 2018 - 4th Photographic Exhibition - To Those Who Serve

For our 4th Juried Photographic Exhibition - Exposure 2018 - New Hope Arts invites photographers working in all media to celebrate Those Who Serve.  

Find, document and craft the images that express your story.

Heroism and service mean something different to all of us. Patriotism is expressed in many ways. First responders arrive at disasters, foreign and domestic, to serve in times of need. Teachers give our children the best education they can. Citizens exercise freedom to march in support of what they believe. Our military, veterans and those currently serving, risk their own lives for service. The picture is even bigger than America';s vast and beautiful landscape.

Please Note:  The exhibition is open to photographers working in all media. Use of vintage photographs or vernacular *  is encouraged. Images taken or obtained by a late family member or veteran will be accepted, however proper photo credit must be noted. For example if your loved one obtained negatives from a liberated camp in WWII, this will be accepted ‘John Doe on behalf of Jane Doe’. If the photographer is unknown then credit should note ‘unknown photographer’. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. Appropriation or use of copyrighted images will not be accepted.

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 Applications are now available to download

Submission deadline: July 9, 2018

Application Fee may be paid online (below) or paid by check and attached to your printed application form.

Application Fee: Exposure 2018: Those Who Serve
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