Visions from Emerging Artists - Privacy Made Public

Privacy Made Public - Intimate Visions from Emerging Artists coming to NHArts in June

This invitational exhibition is curated by Alex Cohen, an exhibitor in NHArts 1st Continuum Exhibition pairing Master and Emerging Artists in February 2012. Alex's perception and skill as a painter as well as his practice of mounting annual exhibitions at his King's Oak studio, featuring works from artists working in a wide variety of media, come together with his selection of artists in their 20's and 30's for this event. Many artists are showing for the first time at NHArts. 

Privacy Made Public: Intimate Visions from Emerging Artists will feature a survey of works, both regional and national. The theme, "Intimate Visions," was honed by Alex to draw on several notions that are foremost in the minds of an emerging generation of artists.   " I find this an interesting theme because it both touches on the larger evolving notion of privacy in our culture and more specifically how it is felt for artists who are trying to step into the light while preserving their personal integrity."