2023 - Development and Renovation is Underway

New Hope Arts Gallery is closed to the public at this time for an estimated 4 month period. Beginning January 16, New Hope Arts is changing from the inside out. Construction begins on the major elements of the building beginning with the lobby wall, stairway and gallery access in preparation for the elevator installation.

Progress reports for construction and the exciting new design will be posted weekly. New Hope Arts still receives telephone calls, emails and communication with our community, and programming will continue in other venues beginning in March 2023 for our artists and visitors.

Week 2 Renovation Update

Week 1: January 16-19

Staff and helpers are moving the office into the gallery to prepare for the closure. Our office is now on the stage. Closets are cleared and next week some of the "deconstruction area" will be curtained off from the main floor. Stay Tuned!

Updates are posted weekly.