Guest Curator Exhibition

The Art Colony - virtual exhibition celebrating the links between our historic art community and contemporary artists. 

Our Guest Curators

Ron Watkins - Underwater Photography

Ron Watkins is a wildlife photographer, writer, and instructor specializing in underwater photo expeditions around the world where he enjoys sharing his knowledge and photo tips.

With his photography, he tries to capture people’s attention and educate them about an unfamiliar species, the important role a species plays, the challenges that it may be facing or raise awareness of the fragile ecosystems that all life depends on.  He is also a Shark Ambassador for Sharks4Kids which focuses on creating the worlds next generation of shark advocates. Ron has been an accomplished award-winning photographer for over 20 years and most recently winning awards in the prestigious Nature’s Best International Awards, Underwater Photographer of the Year, Beneath the Sea and this year as a member of Team USA, won The World Shootout for the second time. His imagery and stories have been featured internationally in print and online publications including Alert Diver, Scuba Diving Magazine, Ocean Geographic, Scuba Diver Ocean Planet, Dive Photo Guide and Unterwasser in Germany to name a few. Ron and his wife Manomi, their French Bulldog Bodhi and 21-year-old Emma the Cat call New Hope, PA Home.

A Founder's Viewpoint - Curated by Susan Roseman

Seymour Mondsheim - craftsman / painter

Sy is well known to the community as a professional designer craftsman working leather.   His studio at Cane Farm in Rosemont, NJ is in the Maple Leather Company workshop. His joy for painting is life-long. " I have painted in oils and acrylics since the age of ten when I bought my first paint set out of my allowance. I studied at The College of New Jersey with a focus on crafts.  After more than 30 years of business in leather and design - Now - I love to paint " . For more info and prices here

Robert Beck

Spring 2020 18x24 oil (2020)

This 18x24” painting is made up of eight 9x6” sections painted from life over eleven-days in my studio.  Each section was done separately, depending on how advanced the blossom progress was, and each took two or three hours to complete.  The panel was white (three coats gesso and no color wash), and the only drawing preparation was the section division lines.

The branches came from a peach tree at orchard behind Manoff’s Garden Markets, in Solebury.  I brought them home, trimmed them to about a foot long, and stuck them in a Maille mustard jar, half-filled with water.  That was placed on a sculpture modelling-stand next to my easel in the studio.  I use an old wood box (Cutty Sark Scotch) to get it up to near eye level, which is my standard studio set-up for painting an object. 

I rarely paint flowers.  I like them to a point, but I consider them show-offs, like sunsets, and prefer an everyday kind of beauty.  But gathering clipped branches and giving them a chance to bloom is something you do when you live close to the earth.  In a way, it’s an offering.  An appreciation and recognition of a much higher order than our self-serving schemes.  I was in the orchard because I couldn’t go elsewhere, but it was the best place to be.  For that next week and a half I got to spend a lifetime with some beautiful peach blossoms. 

Vincent Hawley

Redshift/Blueshift, each 28"x23"
Acrylic and oil pastel on styrene paper, 2020

Redshift and Blueshift are terms in astronomy that describe the way light shifts by pushing and pulling toward shorter or longer wavelengths in space. Redshift refers to how far away an object is, and blueshift refers to how close an object is. This concept is similar to the Doppler Effect for sound, in which an approaching sound becomes louder, later changing in tone and volume as it passes. This, in an ever expanding universe, is almost a stasis point for what is happening today. We don’t know when our current situation will end, but we know what is occurring in close proximity to us now. Just as 3-D glasses are comprised of both a red and a blue side, this is a diptych meant to show us our current state during this pandemic. Eventually we will get through it, but in the present unknown as it continues to grow, we simultaneously try to heal and “pull” the end closer while “pushing” away our current condition. 

Ivia Yavelow

Go To Your Room  April 8 , 2020 

view the complete video HERE  Also on FaceBook

Contributing Artists

  1. Artist: Scott Riether, Title: TP For All, Media: Digital photograph, Instagram: @estatik, Website:
  2. Artist: Martha Wirkijowski, Title: Benefit St., Media: Oil on canvas, Dimensions: 8"x10", Instagram: @marthawirkijowski , Website:
  3. Artist, Martha Wirkijowski, Title: Salem Laundry, Media: Oil on canvas, Dimensions: 8"x10", Instagram: @marthawirkijowski , Website:
  4. Artist: Mayfield Williams, Title: Saturday Night in the Empire, Media: Mixed media and found objects, Dimensions: 18"x9.75"x7.5", Instagram: @mayfield_at_1000autumns
  5. Artist: Mayfield Williams, Title: Saturday Night in the Empire (detail), Media: Mixed media and found objects, Dimensions: 18"x9.75"x7.5", Instagram: @mayfield_at_1000autumns
  6. Artist: Libby Ramage, Title: The Open Window, Media: Charcoal, acrylic and image transfer on cotton hanky and paper, Dimensions: 8"x8", Instagram: @libbyramage Website:
  7. Artist: Brigitte Aflalo-Calderon, Title: My Hood, Media: Acrylic and mixed media on board, Dimensions: 14"x9.5", Instagram: @brigitteaflalo Website:
  8. Artist: Henken Bean, Title: Support, Media: Ink and Gouache on Masonite, Dimensions: 6"x6", Instagram: @henkenbean, Website:
  9. Artist: Haley Manchon, Title: Wavering Disposition, Media: colored pencil and pastel, Dimensions: 27”x19.5", Instagram: @haley_manchon, Website:
  10. Artist: Haley Manchon, Title: For You, For Her, For Me, Media: watercolor and mixed media, Dimensions: 22”x30”, Instagram: @haley_manchon, Website: