Portals - a new exhibition space at New Hope Arts

PORTALS, A New Exhibition Space, Announces Mythic

 First Exhibition



New Hope Arts 2 Stockton Avenue, 1st floor, New Hope, PA

Anabel Bouza, Mayfield Williams, Martha Wirkijowski, Lauren Johnson, Madelaine Shellaby

July 19th - August 31st, 2019

Reception: Saturday, August 10th, 5:00-8:00pm



Portals is a new gallery created by Ivia Sky Yavelow in collaboration with New Hope Arts.  Located on the first floor of 2A Stockton Avenue in New Hope, PA, this gallery transforms select windows in the building lobby into portals to other worlds, creating moments of excitement, reflection, and inspiration that can be viewed from the street and indoors. 


Mythic, the gallery’s first exhibition, will feature site specific installation, sculpture, prints, painting, and drawing by local artists Anabel Bouza, Mayfield Williams, Martha Wirkijowski, Lauren Johnson, and Madelaine Shellaby. 

Each of these artists has a body of work that contains its own unique logic, history, and characters.  They examine, invent, and interpret myths and other stories, and will each transform a window pane into a portal to their unique world.  Their work inspires us to more closely consider how we construct narratives about our own lives and the universe we inhabit.


Martha Wirkijowski will be showing a selection of panels from her “Sacred Heart Suburb” story, which blends suburban life with the surreal in glowing prints.

Madelaine Shellaby will be showing work that mixes invented stories with her interpretations of age-old myths and materials.

Lauren Johnson will be showing narrative drawings populated with anthropomorphized animals from a dream-like world of giant snacks, gardens, and Rube Goldberg type machines.

Anabel Bouza will be showing a new papercut work inspired by stories of migration, specially made for this show.

Mayfield Williams will show characters from her current series that examine mythological versions of the self and figures of authority. 

Portals was inspired by hidden and overlooked spaces in old buildings around Bucks County’s great artist community, as well as by other tiny galleries such as The Porch Gallery in Minneapolis and Fluxus artist Robert Filliou’s gallery in his hat.  The small scale enables artists to show new (or new to New Hope) works and experiment with new formats and media.  Exhibitions will be centered around themes and individual pieces, and will inhabit the space - greeting visitors as they enter the building. 

Open to the public free of charge Friday - Sunday 12:00-5:00pm. The unique installation features Artwork which can be purchased.


For more information see https://www.instagram.com/tiny_portals/ , contact Ivia Sky Yavelow at ivia@iviaskyyavelow.com, or call New Hope Arts at 215-862-9606.